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Reed + Rader

Future fashion and design aesthetics with the New York City creative couple

Living in Brooklyn with their two cats Essy and Xanadu, the 26-year-old creative couple Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader are graduates of New York’s School of Visual Arts. Creating digital art blurring animation, collage, illustration and video that sees fashion photography stills hauntingly come to life, the duo are obsessed with a digital world of invisible, dreamy promises of technology, realising the absurdities of the human imagination. In their words and in their world: “Imagination + Technology + The Vast Expanse of Outerspace = More Possibilities Than We Can Comprehend.” Check out the awesome spacePROJECTIONS project (pictured) and their augmented reality project AR_YULIA online.

Dazed Digital: Can we talk about your futuristic aesthetics and blurring reality?
Reed + Rader: Our work has always been about layers on top of reality and the idea of becoming something more than oneself. We intend to stay on this cutting edge and we don't produce many strictly traditional still photography projects anymore unless they are over the top - anything else isn't that exciting and new to us.

DD: What inspired spacePROJECTIONS?
Reed + Rader: The idea for was to combine physical hand collage elements with physical props and projections to create a dreamy space landscape. Physically cutting and pasting adds a realism for us that tends to be lost in a lot of super slick digitally manipulated illustrations of the future. Inspirations by the simple geometry of early 3D games, digital displays, barren planetary landscapes, and of course from space related imagery of galaxies.

DD: What excites you about AR?
Reed + Rader: The most exciting thing about augmented reality is the incorporation of the user in a visual experience. What excites us is using AR in a way that makes the user part of whatever scenario the artist has created and not a bystander. Existing behind an internet alias takes on an entire new level with AR because the possibility is there for you to transform your visual self. The imagination is no longer limited by physical real-world constraints.

DD: What’s next?
Reed + Rader: After graphics are visibly compelling enough the next step is touch. This is seen with modern game consoles. The graphics are getting so good that each generation has become only mildly incremental. This year all major game console manufactures are going to have motion controls with force feedback. In the future maybe we'll eventually even have total sensory feedback. The talk always outpaces the action but we don't think it's that far-fetched. Dream big.

DD: What do you love about technology colliding with fashion?
Reed + Rader: Fashion is about layers and transcending the flesh. Augmented Reality takes fashion and pushes it beyond the material constraints. When the day comes that we all have embedded contact lens computers it may not even matter what we are actually wearing or what art we have hanging on our walls. And why stop at clothes? Want to be taller, have a smaller nose, have colored hair, even have tentacles or the appearance of Tyrannosaurs Rex? Who says that fashion has to be about real clothes?