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Krystof Strozyna Womenswear A/W10

Scfi-fi bodycon dresses and tribal art make a clash

After injecting prints into his bodycon silhouette for the first time last season, Krystof Strozyna went back to his signature look with an array of colourful bodycon dresses fit for a sci-fi power girl. There were references to tribal art in XXL wooden cuffs and necklaces, while nature-derived inspiration played through painterly pastel prints.

Dazed Digital: What kind of images were you looking at while designing the collection?
Krystof Strozyna: I was looking at the colours and shapes of northern lights and orchids. I was also very inspired by Paloma Picasso - that mix of darkness and bright colours that always looks very bold.

DD: The new collection is a continuation of the graphic mood that you showed last season. Was it a concious decision?
Krystof Strozyna: Yes, it’s definitely a continuation, but I also wanted to make some changes. I have limited the unprinted fabrics to only shades of nude and black to make the message clearer. This is also the first time I’m playing so much with draping, which is something I would like to explore next season…

DD: And where did the jewellery inspiration come from?
Krystof Strozyna: Orchids, but manipulated through a kaleidoscope.

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Film by Zuza Krajewska & Bartek Wieczorek