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Clements Ribeiro Womenswear A/W10

Seventies bohemia and contemporary chic inspire Clement Ribeiro's new collection

The collection, ‘Haute Bohemia’ sees the 70s flower child of the Pamela des Barres era finally grow up, but without forgetting her roots. Paisley and marble prints in mineral colours were worked on silk dresses and ruffle collared blouses, reminiscent of a past time but brought up to date with modern blue and green hues. Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro paid homage to their favourite moment of the 70s, when Yves Saint Laurent and the Parisian jeunesse doree were adding new colours to decadence. Ribeiro says "The inspiration was Boho 70s with an opulent element. There are lots of couture fabrics, which we then framed as such. If you see the presentation (of models) from left to right, it is framed with “bookends”, to the left there is masculine, sharp tailoring with flannel and to the right, we call it our tux look, there are brocades and black wool." The overall feel of opulence for day-to-day life was especially predominant throughout the heavily embellished knitwear and flannel trousers, as well as an overload of embroidery and appliqué in dresses and coats.