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Dunhill Menswear A/W10

Clement Court, a former Dunhill employee informed this collection.

Three seasons in and Kim Jones is on a flow, having successfully interpreted and presented yet another modern day version of Alfred Dunhill. Or, as it was in this case, a collection based around Clement Court, a one time Dunhill employee. Nevertheless, it was in true Dunhill spirit, and the gathered crowd at Palais de Tokyo saw an army grey suits, ties and coats. But far from being old-fashioned formal wear, Dunhill showed classic fashion and tailoring, designed in a highly satisfying way.
Grey club blazers and moss green crombie coats shared the stage with pinstriped suits and ties. More casual pieces, like cardigans and utility belts, also impressed amid all the tweed and Herringbone fabrics. Midnight blue tuxedo jackets finished of another well-made Kim Jones outing, and no one doubted that this was how a true gentleman should dress.
Dazed Digital: Who influenced the collection?
Kim Jones: Clement Court, who was general manager of a Dunhill store in Paris, and his travel experiences when he went from Europe to Japan. The journey influenced the colour palette, and, generally speaking, the spirit of his adventure inspired us.
DD: What are the three sections that the collection is divided into?
Kim Jones: The first one is daywear tailoring, the second is casual clothes and lastly there is formal eveningwear. It’s like a journey of the day.
DD: What was as your favourite piece from the collection?
Kim Jones: I love the jackets with ‘mix and match’ fabric, the patchwork ones with felt and leather.