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Fenwick cranks up the volume on quiet luxury in new campaign

This month, the luxury British department store is launching its new Quiet No More campaign – swapping its traditional, stealth-wealth reputation for louder, bolder statement-making

Fenwick, the high-end department store founded in 1882, has long been associated with a certain kind of shopper. Having become something of a British institution over the last couple of centuries, it’s generally seen as a place frequented by an older, more conventional clientele – a home of quiet luxury and understated, iykyk essentials. But things are changing.

This month, Fenwick is turning up the volume with its new Quiet No More campaign, swapping its stealth-wealth reputation for louder, bolder statement-making. The store is celebrating this new vision by launching its first-ever nationwide billboard campaign, shot by rising stars Estevez + Belloso and Ana Paganini. In the campaign, we see a selection of playful close-ups: a glimmer of a nose ring, a glimpse of belly, a flash of derriere. The clothes are fun, sexy and striking, and so is the matching neon-hued make-up.

The Quiet No More campaign will be taking up space throughout the country, with billboards appearing in Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol. From September 18, each store will also have its own Quiet No More-themed pop-up, where you can purchase statement campaign t-shirts and get your hands on a free tote bag.

Although it may seem like a gear shift for Fenwick, it’s actually more of a return to its roots. The store has always aligned itself with a more ‘British’ approach to fashion – one that is inherently contradictory, embracing both the grandiose and grimey, the pious and punk. Although it has made a choice to cut some of its ties to the establishment (it’s even set to leave its iconic Bond Street location by next year), Fenwick still wants to hold onto the same values – celebrating style pioneers, breaking the rules, but also honouring the immense 141-year history it carries behind it.

See the full Quiet No More campaign in the gallery above and shop the t-shirts online here.