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Lana Del Rey - spring/summer 2017
Lana wears all clothes, belt Chanel, drop earrings, brooches worn on right shoulder Gillian Horsup, brooch worn on left shoulder Louise FerdinandoPhotography Charlotte Wales, styling Robbie Spencer

Exposed! Lana del Rey’s secret past as a knitted poncho model

Knitting is a dangerous hobby for a woman like her to have – but she has it

Is there no end to Lana del Rey’s talents? Not only is she our greatest living songwriter (arguably the greatest artist working in any medium, living or dead), but old photos have emerged that shine further light on her past as a model – in this instance, showing off a line of rather snazzy knitted ponchos.

The photos, which were dug up by TikTok user @tawnyfiberarts earlier this month, show Lana del Rey modelling in a book titled 24 Ponchos: Cozy Chill Chasers You’ll Love to Knit.

Funnily enough, the book wasn’t published until 2013, well after Lana was already a huge star, but the photos are thought to have been taken much earlier — probably at some point during the early 00s, when she was still in her Lizzie Grant era and modelling on the side.

While it’s a very different aesthetic to that which she established later in her career, something of the classic Lana sultriness shines through. Her eyes seem to say, “let me knit you like a poncho, let me hold you like a baby…” Above, you will find some highlights from a profoundly significant moment in fashion history.