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AMBUSH AW22, Bella Hadid
Photography Christina Fragkou

Bella Hadid is ‘finally feeling healthy’ after taking a break from fashion

The model has been taking a break from the runway after Lyme disease sent her spiralling into burnout

Across the course of the last half decade, Bella Hadid has earned her place as one of fashion week’s most booked faces. Besides walking in the biggest shows each season and serving an endless stream of trend-defining street style looks, the supermodel has racked up a long list of unforgettable fashion moments – from getting an IRL dress sprayed onto her at Coperni’s SS23 show to opening up Virgil Abloh’s final Off-White show. For the past few seasons, however, Bella has been notably missing from the runway, leaving many fans wondering when she might return to the fashion scene.

Clearing up any confusion in a new post shared to Instagram, the model revealed that she’s spent the past 100+ days in treatment for her battle with Lyme disease – a chronic bacterial infection she was first diagnosed with in 2012. “Living in this state, worsening with time and work while trying to make myself, my family and the people who support me, proud, had taken a toll on me in ways I can’t really explain,” the model explained within a lengthy caption. “One thing that I want to express to you all is that… I am okay and you do not have to worry.” 

Meanwhile, the images recount her 11-year struggle with Lyme, showcasing photos of Hadid hooked up to IVs and medical records recounting her different symptoms over the years. Spanning from physical to mental ailmesnt, the symptoms include fatigue, memory disturbances, lightheadedness, ringing in the ears, tingling limbs, painful lymph nodes, chest pain, nightmares, and muscular weakness.

Hadid – who gave up her dreams of a professional horseback-riding career when she was first diagnosed – has regularly spoken out online about her ongoing battle with Lyme, sharing updates on social media and giving a speech at the Global Lyme Alliance in 2016. In March, the model shared on TikTok that a low-grade infection spreading from underneath her tooth had caused the condition to worsen. “Some days [are] okay and some days are difficult,” she shared. 

Now, besides helping to crowdfund for The Piper Retreat centre where she stayed for treatments, Bella has shared insight to her healing process. “I wouldn’t change anything for the world. If I had to go through all of this again, to get here, to this exact moment I’m in right now, with all of you, finally healthy, I would do it all again,” says the model. “It made me who I am today.” 

She adds: “As painful as this experience was, the outcome was the most enlightening experience of my life, filled with new friends, new visions, and a new brain”

As for her return to the runway? “I’ll be back when I’m ready,” Bella noted, thanking her mom, her agents, and the brands that she works for. “I miss you all so much.” Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid shared support for her sister on her own Instagram stories, stating: “I’m so proud of her and excited for her to make a ✨comeback✨ when she’s ready.” We can’t wait to see it, either. 


Tooth update! There was a low-grade infection underneath the tooth, NEXT to the tooth I thought was suffering(she’s good) which is the one I got a root canal on a year ago. It continued to spread down,causing a low grade infection in my jaw. I have felt in my heart for months that I needed this tooth out, to heal the rest, and if not, it was going to take me out!Please listen to your bodies my friends please!!! This made my Lyme flare up, which means the Lyme is attacking the places that are suffering ie tooth, jaw, gut, brain, spine, bones, etc oh and the entire nervous system💕 Any minor trauma to the body whether it’s physically or mentally can cause Lyme to flare up. My jaw has been so inflamed, and would flare up/inflame randomly when I was/am overly stressed or over working. Lyme flare ups happen all the time, so that doesn’t worry me, it’s more-so the jaw situation and how radiating the pain is especially with the Lyme. Some days okay! and some days are difficult. but when my jaw/nerves started to hurt on an aggressive level; it just went 0-100. And now we’re here! I am ok though!! i feel better when I’m riding! (And after starting the 2 rounds of anti-biotics) (that in itself is a wild ride) I think my horses just really take my mind off the pain. This is the reason i stopped riding 10 years ago, and i wasn’t going to let it get to me at my first show back🤭anyways , moral of the story , I’m getting this tooth extracted tomorrow! Going to heal that infection! Ive never been so excited go to the dentist..thank you for checking in on me I see you all!! wish me luck!!!