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ASVOFF Kids flyer
ASVOFF KidsCourtesy of ASVOFF

ASVOFF seeks young climate warriors for its new film competition

The festival has issued an open call for filmmakers aged six to 12 for the first edition of ASVOFF Kids

Founded by Diane Pernet in 2008, as the first film festival dedicated to fashion, style, and beauty, A Shaded View On Fashion Film (aka ASVOFF) is now in its 15th year. Taking up residence at Paris’s 3537 from November 9 to November 12, the festival will bring together some of the industry’s most respected names to celebrate creators from across the world.

For the first time ever, though, this year’s event is also set to introduce a jury of ten-year-olds. Why? To judge the debut edition of ASVOFF Kids, of course!

Open to children aged six to 12, the competition aims to shine a light on “young climate warriors”. As such, participants are required to submit a 16-second film, made on a phone or using stop-motion, that imagines what the future of our world could look like. “The future of our planet is in our hands,” reads the callout. “Let’s unite to tackle climate change and make a difference!”

In recent years, young people have proven that they’re willing to step up and take action where older generations have failed them. From Greta Thunberg, to the activists behind Just Stop Oil, to the kids of Generation Alpha, they’ve grown up witnessing the effects of the climate crisis, and maybe their vision is just what we need to see on our screens.

The deadline for ASVOFF Kids entries is August 30.