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Praying x Death Grips collab
Via Instagram/@praying

A Praying x Death Grips collab is on the way

The iconoclastic fashion label has found an unlikely ally in hip hop’s most enigmatic band

Red alert, cult fashion fans and budding Satanists! Praying has announced an upcoming collab with Death Grips

Shared via the lo-fi label’s Instagram account, the announcement takes the form of a grainy, black-and-white rendering of the artwork from Death Grips’ 2011 album Paramilitary, captioned: “What if we….?” The only other details are a confirmation that Praying x Death Grips is coming soon.

An abrasive, experimental hip-hop act may not seem like the most obvious collaboration for a brand that traffics in meme-adjacent bikinis, hyper-feminine headphones, and baseball caps stitched with the slogan “God’s favourite”. However, lest we forget, Praying was the label that engendered the internet-wide belief that Addison Rae is the devil incarnate with its desecration of the Holy Trinity.

The coming collab also aligns with a Death Grips reunion that began late last year, and has seen them share their first new music and live performances since they announced their three-year hiatus back in 2019. Judging by the hype in Praying’s comments, you’ll have to keep a sharp eye out for the upcoming drop to snag any Death Grips goodies before they get got.