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Street style: Paris Fashion Week AW23
Photography Yu Fujiwara

Photos of Tommy Cash terrorising the crowds at Paris Fashion Week Jean Paul Gaultier, Barbie Ferreira, Rick Owens, and Avril Lavigne, as captured by Dazed street style photographer Yu Fujiwara

For Tommy Cash, Paris Fashion Week is less about the designers and more about jump scare and body horror and terrorising the crowds. Last season, he attended the Rick Owens show completely naked (had it not been for an overgrown wig) and this season he wore a silicone lamb’s vagina. He then emerged on the final day of the AW23 circuit in a duvet and pillow combo reminiscent of Viktor & Rolf’s AW05 collection, much to the annoyance of those sitting on the second row at Y/Project’s show. 

But the same could be said for non-famous people, too – some of whom wore latex cones and vertiginous horns in the hopes of getting papped by Dazed’s roving photographer Yu Fujiwara. All of that was enough to put the fear of god into Avril Lavigne – presumably – who was captured “I’m With You”-style in the crush of a fashion week crowd. Click through the gallery above to see the rest of the best from street stylers at this season’s Paris Fashion Week: among them Jean Paul Gaultier, Barbie Ferreira, Matieres Fecales, Rick Owens, Tyrone Susman, the Clermont twins, and Noah Cyrus