Biblical bodies and beastly horse tails: Tyrone Susman goes Off The Rails

Rick Owens’ muse and messiah gives us a tour of his spangled wardrobe in Dazed’s Off The Rails exclusive

A Rick Owens show is the sum of its component parts: raw concrete, strobe lighting, and pseudo-religious figures emerging from billowing plumes of fog. Season after season, a head harbinger materialises in the shape of Tyrone Susman, an 8-foot muse and messiah. The model takes on a biblical spectrum on the catwalk, as if birthed from some kind of celestial rock – albeit with a glossy pout and beachy Bondi waves – while his off-duty, glam rock adonis look has has become a fixture of fashion week feeds and street-style round-ups. 

But what does Tyrone Susman wear on a first date? To meet the parents? To nip to Carrefour? As he admits in Dazed’s Off The Rails exclusive, a metallic jumpsuit is “a bit intimidating”, so he pulls out a bulwark-shouldered shearling jacket and sinuous leather pants, instead. Susman saves the goat hair and cowhide knee-high boots for another occasion, gyrating away in a buccaneering, equine tail. In his Parisian apartment, Owens’ henchman walks us through his wardrobe staples, all hulkling Pirarucu leather jackets, skin-tight spangled trousers, and enough Kiss Boots to conjure the spirit of Gene Simmons.

And that’s not to mention the animal skins, serpentine bodysuits, and “beastly” winged jackets he’s hidden away. To get the lowdown on Susman’s hair-raising approach to style, watch our Off The Rails above.