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lucky jewel nyc

Lucky Jewel is the NYC collective making IRL shopping fun again

Founded on a mutual love of shopping, the label hosted its debut runway show during New York Fashion Week

New York City has long been a vibrant hub of creative culture, a destination where young talent flocks in their droves in search of fame, fortune, and community – and art collective turned fashion label Lucky Jewel was no different. Born out of Chicago’s underground creative scene, the trio – made up of Olive Woodward, Lola Dement Myers, and Shay Gallagher – were united by a friend’s vintage finds eBay account and clothing swap, @lucky_jewel_iwanttt, and soon their own haphazard brand was born.

After meeting through their shared love of exchanging and purchasing clothes, the collective channelled their love for shopping into an ethos that takes the traditional retail platform beyond your simple, transactional experience. Tapping into their ‘shopping is a feeling’ motto, Lucky Jewel replaces the often tiring experience of regular shops with pop-up exhibitions and shopping installations, filled with a range of pieces of all mediums from creatives in their community. 

This past season, LJ showed their creativity knows no bounds as they debuted their first runway show during New York Fashion Week. Described as “garments a business women would wear if she knew nothing about business”, the collection breaks down everything you picture when you think of officewear and instead offers a sexy, sometimes risqué take on classic silhouettes – think two-piece office suits meet micro-mini skirts, very low-rise jeans, and mesh shirts. 

With a new store opening in Two Bridges, NY on the horizon, we caught up with designers Woodward, Dement Myers, and Gallagher to talk about how Lucky Jewel came about and the inspiration behind their debut runway show.

Tell me a bit about you – where did you grow up? What did you study? 

Olive Woodward: I grew up in Palisades, NY. I moved to Chicago for college where I studied (mostly) fashion design. I moved back to NYC in 2020.

Lola Dement Myers: I’m from Boston and currently live in NYC. I studied object design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Olive and I met in school.

Shay Gallagher: I grew up in Ridgewood and went to RISD for school, where I studied fashion design. 

How did you come to start Lucky Jewel, what’s it all about? 

Olive Woodward: The lore of Lucky Jewel is that it started as a clothing swap in Chicago. I was living in a creative warehouse space called Laura where we were able to facilitate gatherings and events. The clothing swap sprung from our friend Vivian Xu’s eBay finds Instagram account called “Lucky Jewel I want”. It quickly became a series of curated events where artists had the opportunity to show their work in a highly stylized space. There are not defined parameters of what Lucky Jewel is. For this iteration of Lucky Jewel, we presented our debut runway collection . 

When did you first realise the power of fashion? 

Olive Woodward: The first time I got dressed.

Lola Dement Myers: The first time I was on an editorial team was when I realised how much love and care goes into a brand.

Shay Gallagher: Trying on skinny jeans at the mall maybe? But also a costume exhibit at the V&A museum.

Favourite ever fashion show or collection? 

Lola Dement Myers: Diesel 1999.

Shay Gallagher: All the Bernadette Corporation shows. I love that they don't have much of a digital footprint.

Olive Woodward: Vivienne Westwood’s pirate collection was one of my first and favourite shows that I saw.

Did you have a freakum dress or outfit growing up? 

Olive Woodward: Josie & the Pussycats’ purple pop star outfit.

Lola Dement Myers: Spirit hood…

Shay Gallagher: I’m still growing up and it’s a naked dress like in Sex & the City.

What’s your go-to outfit to feel confident? 

Olive Woodward: A Lucky Jewel tank.

Shay Gallagher: Shay snap shorts, piece of fabric tied as top.

Lola Dement Myers: White tank + slacks + boots = perfect outfit.

How do you wanna make other people feel in your clothes? 

Lucky Jewel: Unstoppable and lucky.

Who wants to wear or is the wearer of Lucky Jewel?

Lucky Jewel: Someone who is in between worlds, an interdisciplinary person.

Tell me about the inspiration behind your SS23 collection? 

Lucky Jewel: We wanted to explore the identity of Lucky Jewel, which has previously been a hosting vessel, and further explore Lucky Jewel as our creative collaborative outlet. LJ is ultimately an environment which we wanted to translate the spatial materials into clothing. There are some lousy secretary vibes inspired by our recent experience of becoming a “real” business.

And about your first show? 

Lucky Jewel: Garments that a businesswoman would wear if she knew nothing about business (us).

What’s your weirdest internet obsession? 

Olive Woodward: Bachelor (ABC Reddit).

Lola Dement Myers: Foam-cutting videos.

Shay Gallagher: Every morning I read through the Craigslist missed connections.

Let your predictive text finish this sentence: I am a designer because I love___ but people don’t know that I am actually___.

Olive Woodward: I am a designer because I love this cute outfit but people don’t know that I am actually wearing shorts.

Lola Dement Myers: I am a designer because I love it so much but people don’t know that I am actually so obsessed with it.

Shay Gallagher: I am a designer because I am so cute but people don’t know that I am actually so cute.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given? And the best? 

Olive Woodward: Best – stay in the light. Worst – clean your room.

Lola Dement Myers: Best – if it takes less than two minutes, do it right away. Worst – don’t mix metals.

Shay Gallagher: Best – follow through and be kind. Worst – don’t give it all at once.

Who is your nemesis? 

Lucky Jewel: The garment district.

What do you reckon you’re most likely to get cancelled for?

Lucky Jewel: Lol.

If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life who would it be?

Olive Woodward: Margiela.

Lola Dement Myers: Same lol.

Shay Gallagher: Olive.

What would the line-up be in your nightmare blunt rotation? 

Lucky Jewel: Smoking weed with anyone.

What’s the last meme you saved? 

What would your ghost outfit be?


You can shop Lucky Jewel here.