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Yuima Nakazato’s S/S 2010 collection, Dazed Digital
Yuima Nakazato’s S/S 2010 collectionPhotography by Isaac Papiashvili

Yuima Nakazato's Mental Metal

We take a look at Antwerp-graduate Yuima Nakazato's second collection that was recently presented in Paris and Tokyo.

Inspired by his Japanese heritage and his parents sculpture background, Yuima Nakazato, who we RISE-profiled a while back, presented his new collection in Paris and Tokyo fashion week, using metal and the oldest traditions of his country as the starting point for his new footwear collection “Metal Knit”. The results are pieces of armour that is both delicate and tough and so Nakazato

Dazed Digital: Which is the concept behind your new collection?
Yuima Nakazato: The title (of the collection) is [o]. A circular flat leather is folded and wraps up to the body. With the transformation from flat to solid by the zipper and Origami technique. "Metal Knit" technology, which treats metal like fabric.

DD: Where do you seek for inspiration?
Yuima Nakazato: In every moment in my life and what is happening in this world now.

For your graduation collection you used wood, now Metal, tell us more about your choice of materials.
Yuima Nakazato: Metal is a material engraved in my mind and when I think about my childhood; there was a lot of metal around me everywhere. Because of my parent’s job they used lots of metal. These situations were the influences for my creation. Last season was an extension of my graduation collection (Wooden dimension). But since I moved to Tokyo, and saw my culture from a different point of view, comparing Tokyo to before I went to Antwerp, now I have discovered much more about my culture, So I decided to focus to my origin, and my identity.
I used an origami technique for wrapping the body, which means it’s not necessary to use a wooden form when making the shoes, the way they do traditional Japanese shoes.  And I used leather and tatami mat, which normally is for the floor in Japan. In our culture, we take off the shoes before we go inside the room. So I thought it’s interesting that mix together with shoes and floor material for a modern approach. 

With your academy collections you won awards and recognition, how has that changed you?  
Yuima Nakazato: It was very hard year for me, because I didn’t know what I wanted, until the end of the year. In fact even now I don't know if it was good or not. Everything just made me confused... however, it is very important to know what other people think. It was a memorable thing in my design life.  And of course I was happy at the same time!

DD: How do you see Tokyo and the new Japanese designers now?
Yuima Nakazato: Tokyo is very energetic city, especially the streets of Tokyo; something is always happening, always new. The new Japanese designers have lots of energy! 

DD: Where can we buy your collection and see more of your work?
Yuima Nakazato: You are able to buy my shoe line in at RA in Antwerp now!