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Giles Womenswear S/S10

Giles makes a dinotastic impression on the final day of Paris.

Giles' first show in Paris seemed like it was long overdue considering the hot ticket status his shows usually garner in London. However, there wasn't going to be that kind of fanfare what with the show being scheduled for the last day of Paris fashion week. The slow and steady debut in Paris meant that Giles was able to showcase what his signature is all about in the most fun way possible. Neons, metallics and dinosaur-influenced cartoon elements were combined with Giles' knack for prom dresses to make the kooky almost elegant. A tarantula motif crept its way onto a recurring print as well as the fabric laser cut-outs that decorated a black sheer dress. Accessories like the cuddly dino satchels and sunglasses produced for the first time with Linda Farrow, also made the pretty frocks more offbeat. Hopefully newcomers to Giles will have taken away from the show a balance between the odd, the funny and Giles own unique consideration for fabrication and cut.

Dazed Digital: Did you feel like you had to present a different sort of show in Paris than you would do in London?
Giles Deacon: Not so much so! You definitely think about certain things of course because Paris is Paris and showing here is different. I think at the same time the thing to do is to try and up what you do each season and work really hard on making everything more interesting and relevant with the world that we work with.

DD: You were playing with some really fun elements this season!
Giles Deacon: I like that and we know that by now! It was the whole ninja dinosaurs thing which is quite obvious. Then I always like things that are light and dark so we tried to make the tarantulas look really beautiful in the prints. I like the playfulness of that. I like using things where people often have to look twice to figure out what it is.

DD: How did you incorporate those cartoonish elements into more elegant pieces?
Giles Deacon: This is what our studio does. We have a certain level of taste of those comic pieces and the way that they're painted and done and then we put them on quite sophisticated shapes and I think that's what we do well.

See the video of the show here.

Photography by Chiara Santarelli