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Louis Vuitton Womenswear S/S10

Marc Jacobs' LV girl this season is a traveller of sorts through time and geography.

It was pretty difficult to name concrete themes or references after the Louis Vuitton show. Nothing was completely apparent other than the fact that youth and streetwear was running through the clothes, accessories and shoes. You might have stopped tracks at the neckline as all models donned giant Afro wigs, at times decorated with bows. A glance below though and it's a lot to take in; sportswear, dated early 90s 'streetwear', military, Harajuku, flippy schoolgirl... a plethora of things could be ticked off and together they came together in an eclectic mish mash of excessive layering. As always, attention to details were evident in all the pieces with gradiated denim, brocade and lace-up detailingo on cycling shorts and leather jewellery incorporated into tops. The embellishment fest continued onto the bags where satchels, hodalls, rucksacks; all suitably oversized were slung over the models, all with their own unique decorations that made you think of the ritual of customising school bags.

Photography by Michele Bouhana