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Tim Hamilton Womenswear S/S10

For his first womenswear show in Paris, he played with contrasts.

Tim Hamilton has only been in the womenswear game for one season but he took a big step by showing his womenswear collection in Paris for the first time (as he did with the menswear in the summer). With CFDA and Swarovski backing though and a strong vision of a 70s / 80s Helmut Newton lady empowered by a steady balance between loose and fitted, covered and exposed. So there's a tension between comfort and restriction that playd out into lean dresses, assymetric jackets, loose tailoring and a killer black crystal enrusted swimsuit. Functionality was always the overriding theme that will win him customers craving real clothes.

Dazed Digital: How does it feel to have had your first womenswear show in Paris?
Tim Hamilton: I feel so strange! It kind of feels odd that as I was looking at all the clothes, though it's all mine and then the clothes on the models, it didn't feel like this was my show. It was like "Hold on a minute, it's a woman!"

DD: But your sensibilities as a menswear designer have defnitely transferred to your womsnwear righ?
Tim Hamilton: Absolutely. I pay a huge attention to fabrics in my menswear and I did the same thing with the womenswear looking at how things moved and how they contrasted with each other.

DD: Were there any pictorial references for the collection?
Tim Hamilton: Yeah, I was really thinkinga bout a 70s/80s Helmut Newton-type women. I was also thinking about Catherine Deneuve in the film The Hunger. Last season was more romantic and I was thinking about what my mother would want to wear and thinking about Venice but this season was about adding more street wear influences.

DD: How was working with Swarovski?
Tim Hamilton: They're brilliant, incredibly helpful. I didn't want to cover everything with crystals because they're so intricate to work with and you need a lot of time to just do one piece. In the end we went for four pieces including a really great swimsuit.

Photography by Clement Dauvent.

Here is the film Tim Hamilton made with photographer Collier Schorr for his S/S10 menswear collection entitled 'Climb'.

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