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Watch AMBUSH’s Yoon talk about champagne and techno music

The creative director shares the story of her new collab with Moët & Chandon (plus some fashion anecdotes)

Last month, Dazed announced that AMBUSH’s creative director Yoon was adding a new collab to her roster. Having already worked with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Nike, and Off-White, and currently responsible for heading up the jewellery design at Kim Jones’ Dior Homme, Yoon has now turned her eye to Moët & Chandon, designing a limited edition champagne bottle for the house.

Having never worked with a champagne brand before (it’s also the first time in 152 years that Moët & Chandon have teamed up with an artist to create one of its bottles), Yoon was thrown out of her comfort zone. But, as she tells Dazed Beauty’s Dominic Cadogan over a Zoom call, she quickly became immersed in the artistic process, whilst visiting the home of Moët in Épernay, France and spending hours gathering inspiration in its vast vineyards.

As it turns out, she wasn’t that nervous about the project at all. “I think for me it’s, more like, how big is my playground,” she explains. “That’s the only thing I get nervous about when it comes to collaboration.” Luckily, Yoon was given free rein to put her own spin on a bottle of Moët Impérial, the house’s signature champagne. The result combines monochromatic minimalism with the instantly recognisable heritage typography of the brand, to celebrate both past and present.

While catching up with Cadogan, Yoon also shared some anecdotes from her fashion career – including running down the Dior Homme catwalk in five-inch heels and how hardcore techno music allows her to become immersed in a creative headspace. 

Yoon is also set to go live on Selfridges’ Instagram this Friday, March 5, for a further Q&A session with writer and editor, Emma Hope Allwood. In the meantime, watch the conversation below.

The limited edition AMBUSH x Moët & Chandon bottle is available exclusively at Selfridges, London, with a portion of proceeds being donated to the World Land Trust.