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Naomi Campbell Mariah Carey No Filter YouTube

Naomi Campbell and Mariah Carey are going head-to-head on YouTube

Viewers can have a small morsel of gossip, as a treat?

Having previously invited the likes of Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour, and Cindy Crawford to make an appearance on her YouTube conversation series No Filter, today, Naomi Campbell is back with another episode – and another extremely iconic guest. 

Taking to Twitter last night, the supermodel revealed she’d be having a tête-à-tête with none other than Mariah Carey. The legendary singer will join Campbell via Zoom tonight, and it’s highly likely there will be some salacious snippets to momentarily satiate our gossip cravings (please lord give us a small morsel).

Previous episodes have seen Marc Jacobs and Campbell reminisce on iconic Louis Vuitton photoshoots, Cindy Crawford open up about the ‘golden age’ of modelling, and Anna Wintour confirm fashion really does need to slow TF down, as if we weren’t all fully aware of that particular fact. 

To find out what Campbell and Carey go head-to-head on, tune in on the model’s YouTube channel at 3pm (EST) – we mean, what else have you got going on right now? Exactly.