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Luella Womenswear S/S10

Girly pop-art elements freshens up this collection.

For spring summer, Luella Bartley wanted to pare it back, stripping away the mixed-up fabrics and the detailings that have characterised previous collections and instead, focus on shape. So it was a sort of redux to the 60s that never veers too far into being just another collection inspired by the 60s. Colours like pale blue, orange, yellow and pink may looked like pure prettiness but for Luella, they had a level of "wrongness" that prevents it from becoming too sacharrine because Bartley is not interested in pretty things that are on one level. The finale dress of a polka doted shaped cocoon further emphasises the overtly pop elements that she was pushing this season but on a practical level, she's also proved that a party frock is still what Luella fans are after and what they will get.