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Backstage at the AW20 Marine Serre fashion show 26
Backstage at the AW20 Marine Serre fashion showPhotography J’Dee Allin

Listen to some soothing fashion ASMR courtesy of Marine Serre

A surprisingly relaxing new video series shows the processes that go into the designer’s signature futurewear

From the moment she landed on the fashion scene back in 2017, Marine Serre has been working towards the end of the world. 

From her unique futurewear, crafted from the kind of surplus materials you’d likely have to salvage were we really plunged into some sort of apocalypse (think silk scarves, duvet covers, and more), to the crescent moon-emblazoned face masks and discarded computer chip accessories that make up the rest of her collections, the French designer and LVMH Prize recipient has us covered should we ever actually find ourselves facing something akin to a dystopian landscape. 

Now, the designer has released a series of videos, entitled Regenerated, documenting the processes that turn the discarded fabric and deadstock she sources into the garments that hit the runway. In one, denim jeans are divided and sorted into piles, before going under the sewing machine needle to be transformed into jackets. Elsewhere, secondhand silk scarves are pressed, cut, and stitched together to become flowing, floor-length dresses. 

Perhaps the best thing about the videos, however, is an unexpected side effect. As well as giving us a unique insight into how her collections come together, thanks to the quiet rustling of fabrics, slicing scissors, and gentle hum of the sewing machines – as well as the soft Italian chatter of those working in the atelier – the whole series gives off some pretty relaxing ASMR vibes. 

Lie down, get comfortable, stick your headphones in, and watch below, or revisit Marine Serre’s AW20 collection in the gallery above.