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what should replace fashion week instagram coronavirus
via Instagram (@dazedfashion)

We asked you: what should replace fashion week?

Here’s what you had to say

From people questioning whether the once biannual event has grown out of control (seriously, do we really need the pre-fall and cruise shows?) and the pressures this places on those working in the industry, to the inarguable amount of damage it wreaks on the environment, the debate surrounding the future of Fashion Week has raged over the course of the last few years. 

Now, the conversation has been taken out of our hands. The coronavirus outbreak has seen a huge number of Fashion Weeks cancelled or postponed, with the next major menswear season, set to take place in June, no longer happening. The question of ‘should we cancel fashion week?’ has quickly switched to ‘what should replace fashion week’ and ‘where do we go from here?’

Over on Dazed Fashion’s Instagram, it’s a question we put to you – unsurprisingly, we were overwhelmed by the response. Here’s what you had to say.


“Slow down. Take this time to process innovative ideas to steer away from fast fashion. Make change happen for the better of the planet. Hire local models to reduce plane flight, increase ecological consciousness and social responsibility.”


“We need to stop meaninglessly producing and give fashion its soul back. This won’t happen unless the whole industry, from mags to designers, collectively slow down their output. We have enough brilliant designers out there that if each one made only one collection a year there would be more than enough clothes. We should start approaching designers like musicians, who are able to put out an album every couple of years.”



“No more pre-collections, no more capsule collections, no more celebrity collaboration, no more sales. Just two collections at the fair price.”


“Fashion year! One show is more than enough given that there are so many designers to choose from!”



“Digital and physical alternatives have to be explored following a reset of the preconceived must-do of the industry while keeping creativity and commerce in balance. There isn’t one magic solution but plenty of actions to take.”


“Democratisation of the front row is what is gonna happen. The virtual abilities to show clothes are limited, but I’m sure we will see a software used for displaying the forthcoming collections.”


“No more pre-collections, no more capsule collections, no more celebrity collaboration, no more sales. Just two collections at the fair price ”– @b0utet


“They should definitely move on to digital formats, such as creative fashion films or live-streams without them being actual shows with crowds. It’s time to highlight the damage caused to the environment with such events, and question the overall point of a performance where a live studio audience is too busy taking pictures and recording videos on their phones.”


“I agree with the idea of virtual shows, social media, and web platforms. Every part of this chain must be flexible, creative, open-minded! But everything begins from the brands. The brands must look again at their beginning, their philosophy. Everything is a circle to the DNA of the labels.”


“Be creative with a virtual show. Brands should use the money to pay the staff more, right down to the talented intern.”



“Use artists! Fashion illustration, photography, filmmakers, animators etc. Display your shows with new creativity.”


“I still think (and hope) we can still keep the main four shows for AW and SS in New York, Paris, Milan and London BUT I believe they can better represent and include up and coming designers, talents, and other underrepresented creatives for each respective region.”



“It’s sad, but fashion, as is, should be extinct” 



“A reality TV show with bad designers being jailed and good ones going on to next season…”