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Beyoncé ivy park and popeyes clothing collection
Popeye’s collection (left), Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collectionvia Instagram (@weareivypark) & (@popeyeslouisianakitchen)

Fast food chain Popeyes thinks Beyoncé’s Ivy Park looks kind of familiar

First Sainsbury’s, now this

Given countless celebs have been parading a succession of #gifted pieces all over Instagram, it's highly likely you’re aware that Beyoncé’s latest Ivy Park collection just dropped.

The first offering to be designed in collaboration with adidas and made up of puffa jackets, tracksuits, and sneakers, thanks to its unique colour palette, the line quickly drew comparisons with the uniforms worn by employees of British supermarket Sainsbury’s, before a swarm of memes featuring Bey Photoshopped behind the store's checkouts took over the TL. Sainsbury’s itself even got in on the joke, sharing an image of one of their workers in an (entirely faux) adidas advert.  

Now, another brand has jumped in to point out the similarities between its own maroon and orange uniform and that of Ivy Park. Enter: American fast food chain Popeyes, which has gone as far as creating a ten-piece athletic line made up of bike shorts, hoodies, tracksuits, and bum bags, ranging from $10-40. There’s even a lookalike campaign featuring Popeyes employees modelling the collection. 

This is not the first time the chicken restaurant has profited from selling clothes, with the chain selling out of its ugly Christmas sweaters late last year. Other food chains such as KFC and McDonald’s have also dabbled in the fashion industry with bespoke bucket hats and other streetwear-inspired pieces. But then it’s basically common knowledge that a meme is no longer a meme unless someone is making money off it. 

Sadly, if you were thinking about copping a Popeyes cap or t-shirt, you’re a little too late as the line has now sold out. There, are, however, some Ivy Park pieces still up for grabs – if you can afford to fork out the extra $100, that is.