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Subversive red carpet looks Rose McGowan 1
Rose McGowan at the VMAs 1998via Instagram (@dopest90s)

10 times celebrities ripped up the red carpet rule book

To subvert beauty ideals, to be environmentally friendly, or because they had no fucks to give

On Sunday night the Grammys took over basically every single social media feed – there was honestly no escaping it (not that we’re complaining). Alongside the triumphant wins, wild performances, and brutal snubs (s/o Lana), there were, of course, some pretty memorable fashion moments. 

From Tyler, the Creator dressed as a bellhop, to Lil Nas X sporting a bright pink, Ver-sah-chay cowboy suit, the red carpet was refreshingly exciting – especially when you consider just how boring 2020’s supposedly glittering awards ceremonies have been thus far. 

Someone who opted for something a little different this time around, though, was Lana Del Rey, who swerved custom couture and instead purchased her dress from the mall. Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the singer explained: “I had another dress and then my boyfriend and I were getting a belt for him at the mall and I saw this and I loved it.” 

With the singer subverting carpet protocol by swapping out Haute Couture for off-the-rack, here, we look back at those also making headlines for throwing away the award ceremony fashion rule book.