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Walt Cassidy’s New York Club Kids by Waltpaper_14
Misa Martin, Makeup Room at Webster Hall, 1994. (Clockwise from left) Chris Couture, Chuckie, Amanda Lepore, Girlina, Egg Girl, Onyx Noir, Joey Ralon, Shana. Copyright Misa Martin. All Rights Reserved

Opening Ceremony drops a Club Kid-inspired collection

Designed in partnership with OG face-of-the-scene Walt Cassidy, the collection is set to be released ahead of Cassidy’s long-awaited photo book

The Club Kids that ran riot on the streets of New York in the 90s have previously been called the last true subculture of the analogue age. Taking over the city’s clubs in their futuristic, surreal, and otherworldly DIY looks, their influence on fashion (not to mention pop culture in general) reverberates through the industry to this day.  

Alongside the likes of James St. James, Michael Alig et al, at the centre of it all was Walt Cassidy (otherwise known as Waltpaper), who now collaborates on a line of Club Kid-inspired clothing with Opening Ceremony. As one of the scene’s most prominent figures, the artist and writer was introduced to the American clothing company by mutual friend Chloë Sevigny, who debuted her own collaboration with Opening Ceremony last month.

Set to be released on November 15, the clothing line comes ahead of the New York-based artist’s new book, New York Club Kids by Waltpaperwhich will be available to buy at the end of November. 

Drawing on the idiosyncratic style of the mid-00s and rooting it in today, the collection sees hoodies embossed with a young Cassidy’s face, lunch boxes emblazoned with a newly reimagined iteration of the Opening Ceremony logo, and tutu-styled skirts.