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Louis Vuitton Riot Games League of Legends collab 2019
via Instagram (@riotgames)

Louis Vuitton has collaborated with League of Legends

With custom skins and an LV trophy case, the collab highlights fashion’s moves in the gaming world

As the lines between virtual and real become ever more blurred, fashion, along with music and other industries, is continuing to cement itself in the gaming universe. Just last week, Burberry released its own game B Bounce. Meanwhile, Fornite reportedly made $3bn last year – the same as Amazon – boosted by sales of accessories and outfits that people can use to customise their players. 

In 2015, Nicolas Ghesquière cast a Final Fantasy video game character as part of Louis Vuitton’s SS16 campaign. Now, the artistic director of womenswear has teamed up with League of Legends for a new collaboration, including an LV capsule and unique skins, downloads which change the appearance of characters.

LV has also teamed up with the gaming platform to design a bespoke Trophy Travel Case for the Summoner’s cup, which will be rewarded on November 10th after the multi-week League of Legends World Championships, held in Berlin.

Although Vuitton has made trophy cases for some of them most high profile sporting events in the world, the trunk, embossed with the brand’s classic monogram print, is the first of its kind for an eSports championship. The most played PC-game, LoL launched in 2009, backed by Riot Games. The 2018 World Championship had 99.6 million viewers.