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IGOTW: GODSOMWAREvia Instagram (@godsomware)

GODSOMWARE is the designer behind the internet’s most abstract glasses

South Korean creative Aggie Nam sees your minimalistic tiny sunglasses and raises you her surreal, otherworldly frames

Using everything from plastic toys and nail scissors, through to hair extensions and jumbo lighters, South Korean designer Aggie Nam is the Instagrammer elevating your fave tiny sunglasses to dizzy new heights.

Having started up her own personal IG account @3217_3217_3217 around two years ago, Nam first used the social media platform to share child-like drawings of eight-armed teddy bears wielding swords. In the background, she was also working on unique and wildly inventive glasses, which she started to post in early 2018. Unsurprisingly, they became popular fast, with countless people reposting her work across Instagram and beyond.

“Instagram was very simple, there's no need to write or explain,” she explains of why she chose to share her creations via the medium, which has become invaluable for young creatives and designers showcasing their work and taking their first steps on to the fashion scene.

Officially founding brand page @godsomware in November last year, Nam began reposting photos of the countless people who consider themselves fans of her work, with the likes of Erykah Badu and Janelle Monae among them. When asked who it is she dreams of modelling her work, though, the designer confirms it would be Dazed 100 star, MeLoveMeALot

From glasses embellished with jewels to ones made entirely out of large, comedic orange lighters, Nam’s designs are abstract in execution but ostensibly basic in conception, which is essentially part of the appeal. When asked how she came up with the idea for her lighter glasses she said, “I was smoking alone one day and just saw through the lighter. I thought this will be cute.” 

Also taking inspiration from ‘people and pictures of nature’, she says her (hugely-popular) butterfly glasses are her favourite design. It was these ornate, otherworldly spectacles which became Nam’s signature look. 

Defying practicality, Nam takes mundane, everyday objects and morphs them into surreal, surprising things of beauty – little works of art that rest upon your nose and shield your eyes (just about) from the sun.