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Backstage at Marine Serre SS20 23
Backstage at Marine Serre SS20Photography Christina Fragkou

Marine Serre’s show featured post-apocalyptic survival wear – and cute dogs

The designer sent a model carrying a Pomeranian down the runway for SS20

Aptly, given Marine Serre continues to explore what a dystopian future might look like, the designer’s latest show took place on a grey, miserable, and rainy day in Paris this morning. And, inspired by a group “closely knit together by their past experiences and shared troubles under the old establishment”, this season’s offering was modelled by a cast diverse in race, age, and... species. 

This time around, for SS20, the show featured a large black dog and a tiny Pomeranian, one on a lead and one carried by a bucket hat-wearing model, and obviously we are thrilled to know that, in Serre’s vision of life post-apocalypse, dogs still exist, because otherwise what’s the point? 

As for the collection itself, Serre spoke of rebellion, radicalism, and autonomy, with clashing animal prints pieced together to form bias-cut dresses, crocheted vests and shawls layered over lace smocks embellished with flowers, and draped gowns all key. Also on the line-up were oily, recycled plastic raincoats, suits crafted from towels, sculpted satin bodysuits, as well as sheer tattoo-detail tops indebted to Gaultier and Margiela.  

Elsewhere, Serre’s signature motif, the crescent moon, was inserted into a motif that seemed to riff on the classic Louis Vuitton monogram, as seen across tailored  suits, light blue denim looks, bonnets, and face masks. 

Check out the full gallery above.