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Vetements AW19 teddy bear slippers

The slippers you had when you were six are cool now according to Vetements

The subversive label just dropped a pair of teddy bear slippers and they’re all yours for a cosy £680

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise – it’s Demna Gvasalia hiding behind a tree waiting to swipe £680 out of your pocket in return for a pair of Vetements’ new Hug Me Bear slippers!

That’s right: in much the same way that Crocs went from only being worn by your nan while weeding the garden to AW18’s most covetable runway item, the Georgian designer (AKA fashion’s resident meme-lord) has now decided it’s the turn of your fave kiddies slippers to become cool, because… well, because he can, duh.

The slip-on ‘shoes’ are made of cotton, alpaca, and mohair, and even come with adjustable velcro straps which allow you to move the teddy’s arms and legs into whatever position you want. Handily, the style can also double up as an emotional support cuddly during fashion week, too. As long as it doesn’t rain, that is.

The popularity of early-00s style shows no signs of relinquishing its grip on fashion any time soon, meaning embracing these nostalgia-tinged teddies you probably last wore back then seems like the next logical step. So slip them on, slump down in your inflatable chair, switch on some Britney, and settle in for a nice game of Crash Bandicoot. What’s next? Stay tuned.