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gucci aw19 campaign glen luchford alessandro michele
Gucci AW19 campaignPhotography Glen Luchford

Gucci’s new campaign is a fashion throwback extravaganza

The AW19 images – shot by Glen Luchford – reimagine the Prêt-À-Porter era of fashion

If there’s one thing Gucci always delivers with its campaigns, it’s the ability to transport you somewhere else. While previous releases have warped to the future with aliens, or gone all the way back in time to Noah’s Ark, the AW19 images celebrate the fashions from the 50s to the 80s. 

Photographed by Glen Luchford, the new campaign throws back to the Prêt-À-Porter era of fashion (perfectly captured by the 1994 film of the same name) and the characters of the industry at that time. With giant bouffant hairstyles (!) and throwback outfits (all Gucci, obviously) the narrative follows a fake Gucci show imagined way back when. 

The accompanying video shows the frenzy and chaos backstage, while editors fan themselves on the catwalk. The show then takes place, and is received with rapturous applause (duh) before the designer (not Alessandro Michele, but with equally enviable hair) comes out for his bow. 

See all the images from the campaign in the gallery above.