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La’Shaunae wins the 2019 Dazed100
Via Instagram @luhshawnay

Model La’Shaunae wins the 2019 Dazed100

Representing for fat black women everywhere, the model takes this year’s crown after being cast via our #joinDazed100 campaign

Scalping the list, your 2019 Dazed100 winner is model La’Shaunae!

One of three names cast via our #joinDazed100 Instagram campaign, the 23-year-old’s work centres on creating representation for fat black women – from a striking shoot with Universal Standard to her wider-fit shoe collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell, La’Shaunae is determined to be seen.

“Representation is seeing models who are bigger than a size 20 in high-end campaigns over and over,” La’Shaunae told fans in a recent AMA for Dazed, “instead of just booking us one time to be the token fat (person) in one shoot.”

After being bullied in school, La’Shaunae wanted to do something to boost her confidence, and saw modelling as the perfect opportunity to raise not only herself up, but also those like her. “I’ve been modelling for almost five years”, she wrote in an Instagram post yesterday. “Never been signed. never (sic) got an actual contract. I’ve gotten every job on my own. I want to be heard and seen so I can finally feel like my career has actually started.”  

After a close race with YouTube star ContraPoints, who’s taken second place, La’Shaunae has certainly been heard and seen now, with thousands of supporters submitting her name and voting for her on this year’s Dazed100 list. So, what’s next? “I plan to serve more looks, continue being myself, and I plan to continue to uplift girls and boys who may need it.”

Congratulations to La’Shaunae! See the rest of the final results here.