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alan crocetti campaign erotica pierre debusschere
Alan Crocetti – EroticaPhotography Pierre Debusschere

Sexy nude models get hot and slimy in Alan Crocetti’s latest campaign

Photographed by Pierre Debusschere, the images showcase the designer’s new ‘Erotica’ collection

Towards the end of last year, jewellery designer Alan Crocetti – formerly of Fashion East – celebrated the idea of individuality with his collection ‘Anarchy’ and its accompanying campaign shot by Luke Gilford. Now, the Brazilian creative is tackling the concept of sexuality with his latest collection ‘Erotica’. 

“I feel like I have always talked about emotions with and through my designs,” Crocetti explains. “Erotica deals with it in a subtle way. It’s not about exhibitionism, it’s more about the relationship between the person and the body and what you add to it. Pleasure and self-indulgence in a non-narcissistic way.” 

Explaining the starting point for his collection, the designer says, “Erotica in its early stages was about sensations. The exploration and exploitation of elements that appeal to our imagination in ways we can’t understand. It was about turning the jewellery into a fetishist matter.” Specific pieces from the collection feature rings that accentuate the knuckles, as well as his traditional motifs of roses. “I wanted to show these rings could still be BDSM relatable, yet also liberating and functional – that they could extend to one’s fingers with no limitations,” he continues. 

To showcase the collection, Crocetti enlisted photographer Pierre Debusschere as well as model and writer Jess Cole, and German model Georges Labbat. In true Debusschere style, the images are intimate and showcase a sense of raw transparency. They also include a rose in a (pubic) bush – so they’re sexy too. “I have been a huge fan of Pierre’s work for years. In my eyes, he has a particular way of looking at things in a realistic yet subliminal manner. You can identify with the images and you can feel every single emotion portrayed in them,” Crocetti says. 

For the designer – whose work isn’t gender-specific – sexuality will always play a part in the designs and is something he hopes translates to the wearer. “It really comes down to who you are and the armour you choose to wear in order to make you feel good,” he concludes. “There’s nothing more empowering than a sense of self-awareness and self-love.”