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dugbee whoopi goldberg size inclusive label

Whoopi Goldberg is launching a fashion line

Dubgee is a size-inclusive label dropping on May 15

Just a week after Rihanna confirmed her LVMH-backed label Fenty would be dropping in a few weeks, lowkey fashion icon (remember that Vetements sweater?) Whoopi Goldberg has announced the launch of her own label. 

Named Dubgee (yeah, we don’t know either), the brand was first conceptualised when Goldberg was looking for clothes to wear on a holiday. The actress struggled to find anything that worked for her body and began to question why. “I started feeling kind of weird about my body, which is something I had never experienced before,” she told Business of Fashion. “It suddenly occurred to me that if that’s how I’m feeling, maybe other people are feeling the same way.”

Set to launch of May 15, the size-inclusive label will include looks up to a size 24. Goldberg has already been showing off some of the clothes that will be available, including gingham shirts, and sweaters with slogans like ‘NORMAL IS JUST A CYCLE ON A WASHING MACHINE’. The accompanying images for the label’s launch, sees the actress with a group of models wearing the clothes and blue plastic shoe covers for no apparent reason. 

For those who might have a problem with the inclusivity of the label, Goldberg has a simple message: “I never want to explain why I have something on… Who’s to tell you it’s wrong? Nobody. If I’m happy, leave me alone about what I’ve got on,” she says.