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Buffalo Zine issue nine Dazed copy

Buffalo Zine’s new issue totally ripped off Dazed

...and we love it

Moving on from last season, when fashion faves including Michele Lamy, Martine Rose, and Donatella Versace dished out their best, tried-and-tested recipes, Buffalo Zine’s latest issue just hit shelves – and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that its new covers looks kind of (see: very) familiar.

Ripping off the likes of Dazed, The Gentlewoman, 032c, and Arena Homme+ – in the best and most creative way possible – issue nine explores the art of copying and its origins, while paying homage to those that came before it. “We’ve always had an ongoing discussion on the subject of copying,” explains editor-in-chief Adrian González-Cohen. “We’ve been copied many times, we have copied many things, and our point of view about it is pretty celebratory. In this issue we exorcised it so we don’t have to talk about it any more.”

Of why they chose the publications they did, González-Cohen explains that each has had a big impact on shaping Buffalo into the magazine it is today. “Dazed, i-D, and Purple were my windows to the world since I was a pre-internet teenager.” Others, including System, Novembre, and Fantastic Man, were chosen for their own unique approach and point of view.

Of course, such a radical idea and blatant copying wasn’t without its risks, but, without checking in with each magazine’s founders, González-Cohen and the Buffalo team bit the bullet and sent off to the printers anyway. Pretty unsurprisingly, the response was one hundred per cent positive. “We wouldn’t have liked for the editors at the mags we covered to get mad at us, but to be honest we didn’t see any reason for it. As we expected, when we shared it with them before launching, they all loved it a lot.” No real surprise, given imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the idea is basically genius.

Buffalo issue nine is out now – go grab yours.