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Still from Donald Glover Presents
courtesy of Adidas Originals

Donald Glover teams up with adidas Originals to rework three classic shoes

Launching the project alongside a series of short films with Mo’Nique

Donald Glover has been busy lately (even for him) with a headlining slot at Coachella and the release of Guava Island, his new film starring himself and Rihanna, and directed by Hiro Murai. Somehow, though, he’s also managed to find time to drop a new line of shoes with adidas Originals (first seen at Coachella, where they were given away for free via Airdrop) alongside a series of characteristically unusual short films.

The line in question is called Donald Glover Presents (does what it says on the tin) and reimagines three classic styles: the Nizza, the Continental 80, and the Lacombe, for all the enthusiasts out there.

Glover’s reworking of the shoes is subtle, but there’s a focus on deconstructed details such as uneven stitching, a custom 3-Stripe mark made to seem hand-painted, and unstitched edges designed to fray over time, all to evoke the familiar wear and tear of your favourite trainers.

“Rich is a concept,” Donald Glover says, in a statement. “With this project, I wanted to encourage people to think about how their stories can be told on their feet. Value isn’t quantified by what you wear, rather the experiences from them. And you make the decision on what works for you, you live through your own lens. The partnership for me is about being able to exemplify what doing your own thing truly looks and feels like.”

The films have a similar message running through them. Starring Glover and the actress/comedian Mo’Nique, the slightly surreal vignettes chart the marks that appear on Glover’s shoes while he performs various domestic tasks. “You got some sh*t on your shoe,” a passerby (the pro skater and Mid90s actor Na-Kel Smith) tells him in the first film.

The Donald Glover Presents films also include a couple of jokes at his expense, told in a sort of motherly way by Mo’Nique. First, she pokes fun at him for walking around with his shirt off (a style he’s adopted at live shows since it appeared in his This Is America video) and then compares his stomach to a loaf of bread, à la some less-than-complimentary social media comments.

Get a closer look at the new line below.