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@fashion_for_bank_robbers Instagram of the Week
Mask by Alice Hualice (@alicehualice)@fashion_for_bank_robbers

The Instagram filling you in on what to wear to rob a bank

@fashion_for_bank_robbers is the IG account documenting the best, most beautiful, and downright weirdest masks and headpieces in fashion

Are you planning to rob a bank? Yes? Well, Munich based jewellery artist Carina Shoshtary has created a digital mood board to ensure you can break the law in style. "The subject of masks and headpieces has fascinated me for years,” she explains. “And I started collecting images of contemporary pieces a while ago to get an idea of what was going on in that field. I think I got more and more interested in this subject, because I felt that jewellery (and even art jewellery) was a bit stuck in humdrum ideas.”

So @fashion_for_bank_robbers was born: a place where Shoshtary could collate all the brilliant, non-humdrum ideas she found across the internet – “from Instagram, Pinterest, Google etc. But people who create masks and headpieces send me images of their work now too.”

It’s very specific acting as a research Instagram about headpieces, and, more intriguingly, the way in which they distort the visibility of the being beneath. “I was looking for inspiration, for examples of innovative and unconventional pieces to wear and I ended up with headpieces. The fact that we usually don’t wear headpieces and masks in daily life, with the exception of hats, seems to give artists more freedom to create extraordinary pieces.”

Scroll the grid and there’s everything from those tight-masks at Gareth Pugh and Natalie Portman’s Padme Amidala look from Star Wars, to an old Pucci ski-mask and brand new, one-off pieces by artists all over the world. It all starts and ends with anything that covers the face.

Shoshtary also wants to take the project from a digital space into a physical space. “These images really start to fire my imagination,” she continues. “Sometimes I wonder what kind of creature I am looking at and I begin to create a story around it. Eventually, I would like to organise and curate an exhibition featuring headpieces and masks I hope that this page could lay the groundwork for such a project, both in collecting data and connecting with artists.”