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The IG account sharing fashion’s weirdest, most OTT moments

@trashfashionshit – the latest Instagram of the Week – features the most meme-ready runway appearances from aliens on the runway to vagina-shaped heels

With all the weird and wonderful creations that sashay down the runway at fashion shows, it’s no surprise that sometimes there will be collections that are known more for their meme-ability than wearability – see Viktor & Rolf’s latest couture show, for example.

For Instagram account @trashfashionshit, that’s what fashion is all about. Created by Mexico City-based singer and make-up artist Ethereal, the account was first started because she realised “it was necessary to make a space dedicated to all those rare, crazy creations of fashion shows”.

Scroll the feed and you’ll see intricately painted alien faces, tentacles for shoes, and models wearing giant pearls as pregnancy bumps. Elsewhere, blood-covered killers and dancing post-apocalyptic cyberpunks – courtesy of Walter Van Beirendonck’s SS98 show – appear. While they’re all absolutely ripe for memes, it’s more than just that for the creator.

It’s about a celebration of the “original… the “weirdness” that fashion can create when it’s perhaps less obsessed with sales. “The 90s is the most iconic era for that,” Ethereal explains, “Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen created the most iconic outfits and performances.”

@trashfashionshit is an archive of weird, for which there’s no process or calculation. “It’s a feeling, I just see a design or a catwalk image and know that it’s perfect for the page.” And much like good fashion is – the images are a mix of humour and emotion, of precise design and absurd concept. “There’s no designer which does this the most,” Ethereal adds. “Each designer has his season, so I couldn’t choose only one.”

Most regularly you’ll see alt faves like Van Beirendonck, Iris Van Herpen, Viktor & Rolf, as well as Gucci and Moschino for good measure. But Ethereal also finds designs from places you’ve never heard of, from brands who are out here making giant hands and dresses that are one big leaf. 

Yes, your average customer might not wear vagina-covered boots or a coat made out of knitted breasts, but it’s inspiring to remind yourself that while it’s cool to be on trend, perhaps it’s cooler to be a little weird.