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One-legged jeans exist... and we’re actually kinda into them

Do not @ me

Cast your mind back a few weeks and you may recall us introducing you to Ksenia Schnaider’s half-slim, half-flared jeans. If you couldn’t work it out from that description, the unique style comprises one 90s-style mom-leg, and one straight out of the 70s – designed, presumably, for those days when you just can’t decide between the two. Get you some denim that can do both etc.

Like the Ukrainian designer’s demi-jeans before them, which infiltrated Instagram feeds everywhere last summer, the new style has proven pretty divisive since they launched a few weeks back. As Schnaider explained recently, there are plenty of people who ‘get’ – and love – her avant-garde designs, and a whole bunch of those who find them ‘abhorrent’ (her words, not ours).

Just when you thought there was nowhere else for the humble jean to go, though, emerging Seoul label Pushbutton (founded by former K-pop star Seung Gung Park) just premiered its new-season lookbook on Instagram, which features a style that riffs on Schnaider’s 50/50 style – but basically cranks the idea up to 11.

Featuring one full length, acid-washed denim leg, on the other side is…well… essentially nothing, given the style cuts off at the point of a v short short. It’s not just denim that’s on the line up, though. There are also loose grey checks, super-wide stretch flares, and even a one-legged red trackpant. In much the same way as one of its hemlines is, the style also raises a series of questions: How? Why? What are they called? And, perhaps most perplexingly of all...why don’t I hate them?!

While they style isn’t entirely new (given a similar pair was first spotted on one #influencer at Coachella a while back), this is the first time they’ve hit the runway and moved into the realm of high fashion. Whether we’re about to see the unique style – which we’re going to go ahead and dub the 90/10, because fuck it – championed by an army of IG personalities and a Hadid sister or two in the same way Schnaider’s demi-denims have been remains to be seen. But with the AW19 womenswear season less than a week away, our advice would be: watch this space.