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Adwoa Aboah’s Gurls Talk just launched its first line of merch

Collaborating with carbon-neutral brand CHNGE, a portion of the collection’s proceeds goes to supporting women’s shelters in NYC

Adwoa Aboah has been actively and successfully doing her part to fight the stigma around mental health for several years via her platform Gurls Talk. Created in partnership with Holly Gore, the organisation has grown considerably since it was founded back in 2015. Now, the platform has collaborated with genderless and sustainable brand CHNGE for its first official line of merch.  

The collection features a series of t-shirts and jumpers, printed with slogans like: ‘God is A Gurl’. Making statements with socio-political relevance is something CHNGE is no stranger to, with previous collections having had graphic tees with phrases such as “protect kids, not guns” and “women don’t owe you shit”. The brand, who donate 50 per cent of its net profits to non-profit organisations say, “we may not solve all the world’s problems by selling t-shirts, but we hope to provide an outlet to people who care”.

The accompanying campaign for the Gurls Talk collab gives each model a platform to express a thought they feel strongly about. A troll comment from each of their Instagram accounts is added to images from the campaign, shot by Nikolas Ray. Following these comments are handwritten responses from each of the models. Activist, model and artist Gabrielle Richardson, of the Art Hoe Collective, wrote about self-acceptance in response to a comment about her appearance. Richardson finished her note with words we often all need to hear, “Don’t let anyone invalidate you. Just be yourself, it’s the most beautiful you. You are capable and worthy.”

Elsewhere, fellow Art Hoe Collective member, Anajah Hamilton also starred in the campaign, alongside model Kokie Childers – who wrote a heartfelt response to the assumption that her unique qualities equated to insecurity. Trans and deaf artist and model Chella Man is also among the diverse cast of creative youth, with his model and photographer girlfriend MaryV Benoit.

What’s more, is that $10 from each sale of the Gurls Talk collection will be directly donated to women’s shelters in New York. Ethically made, stylish, and also for a good cause? Yes please, we’re in.