Watch moving sculptures model Craig Green’s latest Moncler collection

The designer is back with more idiosyncratic structures, as part of Moncler’s Genius project

Craig Green is no stranger when it comes to innovation. Whether he’s turning models into underwater rafts, or quite literally setting them on fire (DW it was sculptures, not people), the London-based designer can’t resist a striking campaign.

Back with his second collection as part of Moncler’s Genius project, Green continues his exploration of protection and performance. Through a new video installation taking place in a Milan warehouse, the designer continues to push clothing to its limits.

The short film sees Green’s collection meticulously arranged on moving metal poles, gracefully mimicking the movements of a human being, while simultaneously mirroring the architectural structure of a ship’s sail. Soundtracked by industrial horns, powerful gushes of wind, and David Lynch-esque sound effects, the sculptures breath and traverse into life. Against an empty black backdrop they glide elegantly, some floating away, others ricocheting as they bounce on their constraints.

Inspired by tents and kites, the brightly coloured lookbook shows off the collaboration’s dramatic stiff hooded capes with guy rope-like strings. Using sturdy materials and oversized hoods which hide the models’ faces, Green emphasises his focus on extreme protection, creating a secluded shield against the elements. Jackets, parkas, work shirts, and trousers come in more conventional shapes and sizes, but continue the hi-impact palette of solid bright greens, yellows, oranges, and blues.

Since the Moncler Genius launch in 2018, Craig Green is among the designers who has created a collection for the project, joining the likes of Simone Rocha, Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli, and Fragment by Hiroshi Fujiwara. Turning their back on the established fashion schedule, Moncler is launching each collection on a month-by-month basis. See the full Craig Green collection in the gallery below.

5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN is available now in Moncler boutiques and online.