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The IG chronicling the most radical art, music, and fashion movements

@sinneroconnor covers everything from the birth of punk through to landmark art movements and iconic fashion shows

Elena Entenza is the 24-year-old San Sebastian-based creative behind @sinneroconnor – the Instagram account chronicling not-to-be-forgotten moments in cultural history. It was upon becoming bored with her personal account – and “uploading pictures of myself and following friends and friends of friends whose pictures I didn’t even like” – that Entenza started the @sinneroconnor Instagram as a way to visually express herself, while following accounts that inspired her: specifically those that illustrate a ‘precise and charismatic world’. “@sinneroconnor is all based on my personal taste, so I’d say it’s a rather bizarre artistic account,” she explains, “But the content has to be authentic – faithful to my interests, while being artistic, meaningful and underpinned by cultural history.” 

When it comes to the things that interest Entenza the most, it’s movements from the past, the birth of new cultures, alternative ways of thinking, and the way in which they have changed, developed and influenced current culture as we know it. Specifically, “the creation of the punk movement”, “the development of surrealism in various artistic mediums” and “the creation – and use of psychedelic drugs – and how they have influenced many artistic and political movements”.

Scroll through @sinneroconnor’s feed and you’ll find stills from films like Greg Araki’s Doom Generation, Léos Carax’s Tokyo!, and Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void, alongside tears from iconic goth zine Propaganda, photographs of Studio 54's 'Disco Granny', and newspaper cuttings chronicling the skinhead era. There’s fashion too, from Walter Van Beirendonck’s Wild and Lethal Trash show, to Alexander McQueen’s AW01 What a Merry-Go-Round collection, while art makes an appearance in the shape of performance pieces by Marina Abramovic and Yael Davids, works by Kieth Haring, and everything in between.

As for the name, Entenza is a huge fan of Sinead O'Connor. “At the time of making the account, everybody was talking about Sinead O'Connor because of her polemics. She had tried to kill herself and she was talking shit about her kids, so I decided to create a word play on her name.” Meanwhile, the bio for the account reads “sin is life, life is sin” – which alludes to Entenza’s belief that us mere mortals live in a cycle of sin. As Entenza explains, “Human beings are not yet ready to become superior beings, so our lives – and ourselves – are all based on sinning and being a sinner.”