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Technology fashion @bone__folder Instagram of the Week

@bone__folder is the confrontational IG exploring fashion, flesh, and tech

Featuring humans with alien features, luminous skin with transparent qualities, and old computers covered in butterflies, our Instagram of the Week is an imagined snapshot of the future

“I think to ignore the evolution of fashion and technology at this specific time in history is to miss out on our own unique cultural heritage,” says the NYU graduate behind IG account @bone_folder when quizzed on her aesthetic. “We spend a lot of time on Instagram, where we are constantly being inundated with images of fashion and flesh trying to sell us certain fantasies. Fashion, flesh and technology interest and excite me. I guess I would describe the account as contemporary, carnal, authentic, and heavily art focused.”

There’s a lot of talk about the intersect between technology and flesh, and technology and emotion, at the moment, which, despite growing conversation and awareness, still feels somewhat unknown to us. Scroll through @bone_folder’s grid, however, and you’ll see a projection of the future: humans with alien features, skin with iridescent qualities, old computers covered in butterflies.

“My account is really just a reflection of my own sensibilities,” they continue. “Breaking it down into a digestible description would be akin to breaking myself down as well. I think our generation uses Instagram as an outward projection of how we wish to be perceived by others, and this is just my own personal manifestation.”

As you scroll through @bone_folder’s feed you’ll also realise that the palette changes subtly throughout. Currently posts are orange and blue combined, having previously moved through purple, pearlescent white, silver, green, and gold. “There is honestly no method to the madness. I try to choose colours that would be a logical and seamless transition from the previous – such as yellow to orange and then orange to red. But now I feel like I've played out most obvious colour choices, so I'm venturing into more complex themes such as colour combinations or conceptual ideas.”

There’s no overlying message, but the imagery is still fairly confronting, whilst also being incredibly beautiful. When collected together, these images – of a future not too distant, of bugs you can’t quite get your head around – create a visceral, mortal reaction: one which makes you feel like you, basically, know nothing.

“When I see a beautiful work of art, I feel like I can momentarily exist within its universe. Works with that level of impact inspire me and act as an escape from the banality of life. That is the sensation I hope to share with anyone who comes across my page. I want it to feel exciting, authentic, and magnetic.”