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How to live your life like Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat

It’s not easy being fashion’s fave feline, but somebody has to do it

Choupette – Mademoiselle Choupette to those who don’t know her personally – needs no introduction, but for those who have somehow missed it, she’s Karl Lagerfeld’s cat. Adopted (okay, kind of cat-napped) by the Chanel and Fendi designer from model Baptiste Giabiconi who lent Lagerfeld the kitty in 2011, she quickly became a social media icon – gaining over 100k followers on an officially unofficial Instagram.

To say that Choupette is the world’s chicest cat is an understatement. She’s the Miu Miu to your cat’s meow, the Féline to your cat’s feline – you get the picture. She wants for nothing, spending the majority of her days either sleeping, flying on private jets, or tweeting. Needless to say, she’s living the dream.

To celebrate International Cat Day (yes, really) we’ve rounded up some of the life lessons you can learn from fashion’s fave feline.


As you can imagine, anything Mademoiselle Choupette wants, she gets. When it comes to travel, only the best will do, as revealed in a #exclusive interview on Karl Lagerfeld’s website. Among Choupette’s travel essentials are her luggage (custom-made, of course), her iPad, and Goyard plates that are personally made just for her. As for whether she ever gets jet-lagged, her answer is simple: “Impossible. Even on a plane I sleep well, surrounded by fine sheets and soft pillows, so I’m well rested when we land. Doesn’t your plane have a bedroom?”


When Karl Lagerfeld being your daddy isn’t the most iconic thing about you, you know you’re doing something right. She’s appeared in shoots (alone and with Karl), on multiple Vogue covers, and once stole the limelight from Gisele. Sadly, you can’t have your own Choupette as there is only one. But, as King Karl is so charitable, he allowed for the fashionable feline to be immortalised in stuffed form and can be yours for a mere $600. What’re you waiting for?!


Getting constantly pampered sure must be exhausting, which probably explains why Choupette is always so tired. Obviously Karl isn’t there to look after her 24/7, but her maids (plural) keep him updated with her daily routine. They also brush her fur twice a day, naturally. Even with all that sleep, she still wants more Lagerfeld explained to Harper’s Bazaar: “When I want to write letters, she sits on the papers because she doesn’t want me to write.” Diva!


While Choupette does spend a lot of her time sleeping (see above) when she does arise, it’s only for big bucks. Sure, Linda Evangelista infamously wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000, but that’s petty cash to Mdme Choupette. In an interview with The Cut in 2015, Lagerfeld revealed Choupette had banked over $3 million in the kitty (pun intended) from only two modelling gigs. She’s got a make-up collection too with Japanese brand Shu Uemura, not that she would ever need it as a natural beauty. We don’t officially know what Choupette’s net worth is, but you can bet she isn’t getting texts from the bank telling her she’s gone into her overdraft again.


’What could a cat possibly have to say?’ might be crossing your mind, but Choupette has a lot to say. With over 50k followers on her spoof Twitter (run by a woman called Ashley Tschudin) she constantly bless us with pearls of wisdom – “Rosé is just summer water” and “I thought I’d gotten into bad catfights… until I saw the Sarah Jessica Parker & Kim Cattrall fight!” More seriously, Choupette’s online diary reveals her serious, journalistic side with reviews about how terrible NYFW is and how great Chanel is. Question: can cats win a Pulitzer Prize?