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Tommy Hilfiger’s new clothing knows how much you wear it (and where)

This is some Black Mirror shit

As if the fact that our phones, laptops, and tablets are listening in to our every conversation and recording (basically) our every move wasn't enough, Tommy Hilfiger has taken things one step further, with the launch of a new Tommy Jeans line named Tommy Jeans XPlore. 

The 'innovative' new collection will incorporate a Bluetooth chip into a series of hoodies, jeans, and denim skirts, as well as a number of accessories, in an attempt to create “a micro-community of brand ambassadors”. The Xplore chip will then track your movements, and offer rewards based on how much you wear the garments – with gift cards and (surprise!) more Tommy Jeans items all up for grabs. There will also be bonuses for walking past particular Tommy Jeans locations, as marked on the accompanying Xplore app – Charlie Brooker could not make this up. 

Allowing for some privacy, the data collected will be encrypted and wearers will be able to turn off the tracking via the app should they wish to, which means there's less chance of attracting any Tommy Jeans-obsessed stalkers. The bad news? If you do decide to disengage, you'll be disqualified from gaining weartime-related rewards. 

Ready to be tracked by Tommy? The collection is currently only available in the United States, through Tommy Hilfiger’s website or at their flagship store. 

WDYT? Would you wear trackable clothes?