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Taken from Dazed Vol IV: Winter 2015 issuePhotography Collier Schorr, styling Robbie Spencer

Revisit Collier Schorr’s best images in the Dazed archive

Featuring the Stranger Things kids, Zayn Malik, Sky Ferreira and more

Collier Schorr spent her formative years ripping pictures out of magazines and decorating her walls with the torn images. Although she’s since built a career as a commercial and fashion photographer, shooting for YSL, Louis Vuitton, and Dior, these early experiments laid the groundwork for the art photography which forms a fundamental part of her practice. Collages – reminiscent of those she created with her cut-out pages – are a frequent motif, and a way for Schorr to reframe and tell different stories with the pictures she takes. Opening today in London, her new exhibition In Front of the Camera explores currently contentious ideas of bodies, subjects, and their representation, with images sliced and merged with others, or else layered and photographed. 

Also included in the exhibition is an image from her first shoot for Dazed, a ‘scrapbook of youth’ created in 2010 with styling by Katie Shillingford and Robbie Spencer. Ever since, Schorr has been a regular contributor to the magazine – capturing both cover stories and editorials, and shooting everyone from Millie Bobby Brown to Zayn Malik. To mark the opening of the exhibition, we’ve collated some of her most striking shots from the Dazed archive – revisit them in the gallery above. 

In Front of the Camera opens at Stuart Shave / Modern Art, 4-8 Helmet Row, London EC1V 3QJ on June 28 and runs until September 1.