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drome resort marianna rosati florence
DROMe Resort 2019Courtesy of DROMe

An LA trip inspired DROMe’s new Resort collection

Designer Marianna Rosati explored the daily life of her woman through an urban, yet sensual collection

If you aren’t already familiar, Italian label DROMe came from humble beginnings, starting out as a luxury leather brand putting out small, poetic collections in Florence. It has grown considerably since then, with creative director Marianna Rosati presenting seasonal shows in Paris. And now, it presents mid-season collections too, with the Resort 2019 collection the latest to be released. 

As an evolution of the AW18 collection, which featured a contrast of soft textures and stronger, sexy silhouettes, the new collection further reflects the brand’s dualism – think even softer textures with stronger silhouettes – that is found at its core. “The sensuality and romantic, feminine part is in contrast with a harder, more masculine attitude,” the designer told us of the inspiration behind the collection. “My woman will never be too ‘ladylike’, she will always break the rules of a certain elegance by introducing few smart details taken from activewear, or the military world, or simply from a man’s wardrobe.”

Following a trip to LA, Rosati was inspired by a monkey statue she encountered there and its “strong sense of fierce energy and positive attitude”. Carrying that attitude into the collection, the clothes come in playful textures and a vibrant colour palette. Some of the highlights include sportswear jackets worn with gingham-patterned skirts and fluorescent boots, while leather is seen across colourful dresses, skirts and biker jackets.

“I envisioned a woman who loves to play with strong, flashy colours, such as flamingo pink and daffodil yellow, mixed with dark blues and acid lime accents,” she explains. “A woman that likes to play with proportions and materials, that is a bit frivolous and loves to show off her sensuality.”

In creating pre-collections, Rosati has more opportunities to explore different ideas to the mainline. “Creating small capsules is actually quite refreshing because it gives me the chance to put together smaller collections more freely, in a way that is less strictly connected to the needs of the market, but connected to a very instinctive desire – the customer needs to fall in love.”