Marc Jacobs just proposed via flashmob in Chipotle


When it comes to fashion designers, there probably aren’t any as #extra as Marc Jacobs. Remember that time he built a giant pink house as the centrepiece of his SS15 show?

And his extra-ness isn’t just explored at his outlandish shows, it carries over into his personal life too. So when it came to proposing to long term boyfriend Charly ‘Char’ Defrancesco, it wasn’t a simple affair; Jacobs went all out.

On a romantic trip to Chipotle, the designer arranged for a flashmob to dance to Prince’s “Kiss” in the middle of the restaurant before getting down on one knee and asking Defrancesco to marry him. And he said yes (aww!).

“To my ride or die fiancé @chardefrancesco I LOVE YOU,” he said on his Instagram post documenting the event. We wish the pair all the best and hope the wedding will be an even bigger event. Maybe his bridesmaids will be some of his old campaign stars like Marilyn Manson, Missy Elliott, Courtney Love, and Cher. We can only hope.

Watch the clip below: