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jess cole zine anna victoria best hanna kelifa
Jess Cole zinePhotography Anna Victoria Best

The new zine entirely dedicated to a single model

Jess Cole has become the subject of Anna Victoria Best and Hanna Kelifa’s latest photo series and zine

Creatives have long opted to self-publish small circulation, not-for-profit zines to showcase their work. In the pre-internet era, they were your one-stop shop for finding out about alternative music and fashion movements – through zines, people engaged with underground subcultures and radical politics.

Even with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the like, zines still exist and give artists space to exercise true self-expression – exactly why photographer Anna Victoria Best and stylist Hanna Kelifa decided to create one entitled Jess Cole, after the model of the same name. 

The rising star who made her runway debut opening (exclusively, no less) at Phoebe Philo’s final SS18 show for Cline, has appeared more recently on the catwalk at Sies Marjan, Tom Ford, and Symonds Pearmain’s AW18 shows. Not to mention appearing in the latest issue of Dazed. Meeting at a casting, Best says Cole “is herself and that’s what we all should be” – that’s without mentioning her smile (“it’s contagious”). 

The series, shot in one day, examines the relationship between muse and photographer when it is stripped back to its bare bones. One of the only elements in flux in the images is the changing light, so Cole’s form becomes the focus. Her nymph-like movement and whimsical spirit punctuate the otherwise empty space. 

Spreads of the zine, which is available to buy online now, see slightly different frames of each look pasted next to each other, so as to give you an impression of the enigmatic energy Cole brought to the shoot. “I’ve always loved how precious and collectable a zine feels, its a celebration,” said Kelifa. 

In addition to the zines, the pair also decided to print one of their photographs onto fabric and display it from a Peckham rooftop. Because why the hell not?! How else to better to show your support, than to literally fly a flag from the rooftops. 

Order your copy of the zine here