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How to get your hands on some rare Supreme items

Including a branded ashtray, basketball, baseball bat, and fire extinguisher

Calling all Supreme super fans. Are you among the group of people who would queue for hours (or even days) to get the latest merch? Maybe you missed the most recent SS18 drop, and have been hunting on eBay for hours for a branded pinball machine? Well, there’s some good news – some of the label’s rare items are going up for auction. 

Courtesy of LA-based rapper Shane Bunting – aka MadchildHeritage Auction is selling off a collection of items that a hypebeast would likely lose a limb for. Among the items are a Supreme-branded ashtray, basketball, salt and pepper shakers – even a fire extinguisher. Elsewhere, there are gold and silver foiled skateboards and a thermos which wouldn’t go amiss this in London today. 

And what would a Supreme sale be without a belt from last year’s Louis Vuitton collab? There’s plenty more up for grabs (if your wallet can stretch to it) so get bidding now before the auction takes place on March 6. Maybe start selling your possessions, too: the basketball is already at $600...

View the full list of items here