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Group Portrait of the #mbcollective at the #WeWon
Photography Tyler Mitchell

Solange, Slick Woods & Hans Ulrich Obrist dream of the future in new series

What's in store for the future? Seven visionaries discuss in new Mercedes-Benz project #WeWonder

No one knows what our future holds, but luckily we can rely on creativity to challenge and deliberate how the world will work in years to come. This is the sentiment of Mercedes-Benz's latest project, the #WeWonder Manifesto, that unites seven of the world’s leading visionaries to dream about the potential of our world’s future.

The manifesto is a written vision of the future that was produced from a roundtable featuring Solange, Slick Woods, art director Hans Ulrich ObristKENZO creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, Hypebeast founder Kevin Ma, and writer Kimberly Drew, who all united to deliberate on the topic. Together, the seven creatives dreamed about the future as neither a utopia or dystopia, but rather a reality of what is humanly possible to achieve if we make art driven by hope and inspiration.

Each creative brings a different theme to the discussion and all ideas in the manifesto will be released through a series of global events, appearances, and digital activations across 2018. Drawing on her success as one of the world’s leading musicians, Solange brings a courageous independence to the manifesto and for the project's events, she will be fearless when exploring the most provocative issues we face in our future. Slick Woods represents a new generation of boundary-breaking free-thinkers, while leading curator, Hans Ulrich Obrist, brings an unfaltering curiosity and a passion for conversation to the topic: “If we want to address the big questions of the future and of the 21st century, we need to think beyond the fear of pooling knowledge and bring all the disciplines together”, Obrist states in the press release. This is why the project is so interesting.”

Kimberly Drew will be the first to unveil her theme and will be chairing a panel discussion at SXSW in March 2018. You can find out more info here