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The girl behind Instagram’s most creative Nike fan account

Hit follow on @miniswoosh, @dazedfashion’s Instagram of the week, for impossible-to-get-your-hands-on remixed Nike wears

Is there a logo more iconic than the Swoosh? We’d argue not. The latest Instagram of the week, @miniswoosh, pays a “conceptual homage” to exactly that; the 54-year reign of the Nike – formerly Blue Ribbon Sports – Swoosh.  

The account is run by the founder of explorative menswear label ALCH – Alex Hackett. While the designer’s own label explores the art of deconstruction, unpicking non-traditional fabrics and reconstructing them into unique pieces of apparel, Hackett sees @miniswoosh as a vehicle through which to share her obsession with all things Nike.

What’s not immediately apparent is that all of @miniswoosh’s content is in fact 100% original, meaning that each rare piece you see – and are subsequently desperate to get your hands on – is a custom remix of Nike’s iconic Swoosh crafted by Hackett herself. So no, you can’t buy it online. Key examples? A monochrome zip-up made from reappropriated Nike sports socks, all-over logo-clad Nike Air Force 1’s, “Just Do It” jeans and Swoosh champagne flutes. Cheers to that. Here, we speak to Hackett on her obsession with the iconic Swoosh. 

How would you describe @miniswoosh?

@miniswoosh: A conceptual homage to Nike.

What made you start it?

@miniswoosh: Initially, I only had my label’s Instagram, which focuses on deconstructing non-traditional materials and reconstructing these into items of apparel – predominantly menswear. However, about two years ago, I felt like I wanted a more personal platform to exclusively exhibit the custom Nike pieces I was making for myself. I’m (clearly) a huge fan of Nike, so @miniswoosh kind of acts as a sort of portfolio of imagery and content that reflects my passion for the brand. 

“I’m a huge fan of Nike, so @miniswoosh kind of acts as a sort of portfolio of imagery and content that reflects my passion for the brand” – @miniswoosh 

What’s the criteria for a @miniswoosh post?

@miniswoosh: I only have one rule really – it must have a Swoosh or at least some reference to Nike. 

Where do you source your content?

@miniswoosh: All my posts are 100% original content. I rarely repost other people’s imagery. 

Do you have an archive of materials stored up?

@miniswoosh: Not usually – I’m quite impatient. I like to post content as soon as it’s been created, especially as I only post a few times a week.

What are some of your favourites?

@miniswoosh: Here, here and here

What about your all-time favourite Nike pieces?

@miniswoosh: The “HAVE A NIKE DAY” t-shirt, originally released in 1977 (I think!), the custom Nike champagne glass, the Nike Chronicle Deluxe Book and the “My Air Max” design for Nike’s Vote Forward Campaign in 2017

Which piece would @miniswoosh be?

@miniswoosh: My custom pink gilet made from a reconstructed Nike duffle bag, which is one of my favourite pieces I’ve made. It features over 40 different panels, and it’s pink.

Which campaign are you most drawn to?

@miniswoosh: Every campaign! One of my favourite elements of Nike is their advertisements, both print and video. My favourites are the ones with the slogan “There Is No Finish Line” which I believe was first printed in an issue of Runner’s World in 1977.

Has anything unexpected come from your account?

@miniswoosh: I think just the amazing relationship I’ve created with Nike from a brand perspective and the opportunities Nike have presented me with.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

@miniswoosh: Honestly, I mostly just love following my friends. My account isn’t too personal so it’s nice to get something back from Instagram that isn’t so professional. Some of my favourites are @hotelcreative (a London-based design studio that does loads of Nike’s installations), @jessicawashick (the perfect Nike nails), and my #1 girl @megteksir.